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Smith & Wesson Model 66

Smith & Wesson Model 66 is a revolver manufactured by Smith & Wesson. It is chambered in .357 Magnum, has a 4.25-inch barrel and a capacity of 6 rounds.
Smith & Wesson Model 66
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Item #: 162662
UPC: 022188626629 GTIN-13: 0022188626629
Type: Revolver
Caliber: .357 Magnum
Produced: 2014 -
Action: Revolving Chamber
Trigger: Double-Action (DA/SA)
Trigger pull (lbs): (No Data)
Cylinder: 6-round
Cylinder finish: Matte Stainless
Cylinder material: Stainless Steel
Frame finish: Matte Stainless
Frame material: Stainless Steel
Barrel: Stainless Steel
Safety: No Manual Safety
Grips: Black Synthetic
Sights: Red Ramp Front, Adjustable White Outline Rear
Barrel length: 4.25 in
Sight radius: (No Data)
Overall length: 9.6 in
Height: (No Data)
Overall width: (No Data)
Weight: 36.9 oz
Accessory rail: No
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State compliant:
Product link: https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/model-66
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(8/10) 1 reviews
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  • 8/10
    In my opinion, Smith & Wesson makes some of the nicest revolvers that I have tried. I used to own the model 66 with a 4" barrel, and I competed sporadically with it. The single action trigger pull is really good, and double action isn't bad either. However, I would always choose to fire in single action, since I hadn't practiced sufficiently with the double action pull, and my accuracy wasn't as good with it. I had two sets of grips, one made of wood and one Pachmayr rubber, that I switched between. Both worked fine. All in all, the model 66 is a high-quality revolver that I would recommend.
    Published: 08/31/19, 07:44 AM
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Where to buy Smith & Wesson Model 66

Store Product Availability Price
Smith & Wesson Model 66 .357 Magnum Stainless Steel Revolver Out of Stock $899.99
Smith & Wesson 66 357 Mag 4.25" Barrel, Glass Bead Finish, Adjustable Rear Sight, 6 Round Out of Stock, Taking Backorders $919.99

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