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Member since: 08/31/19

theg’s reviews

  • 4/5
    I used to own a 3rd generation Glock 34 with an OD Green frame, which I used for competing in PPC. I actually did quite well with it, and after a 12 week session I ended up in second place. The trigger pull is definitely lighter and smoother than that of e.g. the Glock 17 or 19. However, the gun did shoot a bit too high, even after having adjusted the sights as low as they would go. Of course, it's always possible to replace the sights, so I don't see that as a deal breaker. Overall, I was happy with my Glock, but for me there are other guns out there that are better suited for competition. However, with their proven track record, Glocks are in my opinion an excellent choice for home defense, concealed carry or as service pistols to military personnel and law enforcement officers.
    Published: 08/31/19, 07:48 AM
  • 4/5
    In my opinion, Smith & Wesson makes some of the nicest revolvers that I have tried. I used to own the model 66 with a 4" barrel, and I competed sporadically with it. The single action trigger pull is really good, and double action isn't bad either. However, I would always choose to fire in single action, since I hadn't practiced sufficiently with the double action pull, and my accuracy wasn't as good with it. I had two sets of grips, one made of wood and one Pachmayr rubber, that I switched between. Both worked fine. All in all, the model 66 is a high-quality revolver that I would recommend.
    Published: 08/31/19, 07:44 AM
  • 4/5
    Sig Sauer makes awesome handguns in my opinion, and the P226 is definitely one of their trusted classics. This is probably the center-fired pistol that I have the most shooting experience with. I would say it's one of the best options out there for defensive purposes. However, I think that for those who haven't practiced a lot with DA/SA type guns, a striker fired gun (such as the P320) would arguably be a better choice, thanks to the consistent trigger pull and simpler controls.
    Published: 08/31/19, 07:43 AM
    Edited: 10/29/19, 07:25 AM
  • 3/5
    Browning's Buck Mark pistols are probably some of the best in their category of rimfire plinkers. I don't see these as serious competition pistols, such as the Pardini SP and other similar pistols, but I did use the Buck Mark for PPC competition a handful of times. The trigger and the sights are quite good, and hitting the target was easy enough.
    Published: 08/31/19, 07:41 AM
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